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Environmentally Conscious Cab Services

About Rove Cabs

Established in 2020, Rove Cabs was founded with the mission of crafting a solution that addresses the needs of the common man. The idea emerged from the myriad challenges faced by individuals like us grappling with long drives, impacting their daily productivity. The constant struggle of checking for cabs, enduring cancellations, and the fear of tardiness led us to create a solution—providing affordable, hassle-free alternatives for a seamless daily commute.

Rove Cabs is dedicated to ensuring the safety of both riders and passengers. Our riders are hired post thorough police verification and stringent background checks. We take immense pride and joy by the fact that we presently cater to over 1000 female passengers, striving to bring a touch of ease to their daily commutes and contribute to making their day-to-day lives more convenient.

Our cabs are equipped with GPS tracking, dash cams and other important security checks to ensure a safe and comfortable experience. To make your journey safer, we have implemented multiple configurable security measures that can be tailored to your needs and preferences. Recognizing the small yet impactful role we can play in fostering environmental sustainability, Rove Cabs is actively working towards its goal of achieving full electrification by 2025.

Our Mission

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to crafting journeys that transcend mere transportation. We aim to revolutionise the transportation landscape, offering a comprehensive, reliable, and environmentally conscious cab service.

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Our Vision

We envision a future where transportation is a seamless and empowering experience. As a trailblazing cab booking platform, our vision extends beyond providing efficient travel solutions to creating a transformative impact on urban mobility. We aspire to be at the forefront of a paradigm shift towards smart, green, and accessible transportation, fostering positive changes in communities and promoting environmental sustainability.

What We Do?

We offer a range of cab services tailored to meet your everyday travel needs. From office commute, intra-city travel to airport transfers, and more, our every step is dedicated to providing you a hassle-free experience. We’ve built innovative solutions that prioritise your convenience and safety. Our commitment extends beyond merely getting you from point A to B – we create journeys!

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Meet the Team

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Founder and CEO

Sumit Kumar Varshney

Sumit is the Founder and CEO of Rove Cabs. He started Rove Cabs (A Unit of Prisum Rove India Pvt Ltd.) in January 2020 with the vision to become the largest EV app aggregator by 2025 in India. Before Rove Cabs, Sumit worked with Larsen & Toubro, Tata Projects, and has over 12 years of experience in the field of HR & Administration.

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Founder and CTO

Prince Ashutosh

Prince, the Founder and CTO of Rove Cabs, co-established the company with his partner, Sumit Kumar Varshney, in 2020. Committed to ensuring a safe experience for women, Prince actively works towards implementing and enhancing multiple configurable security measures tailored to passengers' needs.

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