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Frequently asked questions

Rove Cabs

How do I book a cab with Rove Cabs?

Booking a cab with Rove Cabs is easy. Simply download our mobile app, sign up or log in, enter your pickup and drop-off locations, choose your preferred cab type, and confirm your booking.

What types of cabs does Rove Cabs offer?

Rove Cabs provides a variety of cab types to suit your needs, including standard sedans, SUVs for larger groups, and premium vehicles for a more luxurious experience.

Can I schedule a ride in advance with Rove Cabs?

Yes, you can schedule a ride in advance through the Rove Cabs app. Choose the "Schedule Ride" option and set the desired pickup time.

How can I pay for my Rove Cabs ride?

Rove Cabs accepts various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and cash. Choose your preferred payment option on the app.

Is it possible to cancel a booking, and are there any cancellation fees?

Yes, you can cancel a booking. Cancellation fees may apply, depending on the time of cancellation. Refer to our Cancellation and Refund Policy for more details.

How can I contact my Rove Cabs driver?

Once your cab is assigned, you can contact your driver directly through the app. Look for the "Contact Driver" option in the booking details.

Can I book multiple stops in a single ride with Rove Cabs?

Yes, you can add multiple stops to your ride by using the "Add Stop" feature in the app. This is helpful if you need to make quick detours during your journey.

Are pets allowed in Rove Cabs?

While service animals are generally allowed, it's recommended to check with your driver beforehand to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride for all passengers.

Is there a loyalty or rewards program for frequent Rove Cabs users?

Yes, Rove Cabs offers a loyalty program where users can earn points for every ride. These points can be redeemed for discounts on future rides.

How does Rove Cabs ensure passenger safety?

Rove Cabs prioritises passenger safety. All drivers undergo thorough background checks, and our vehicles are regularly inspected. We also provide real-time tracking and an in-app SOS button for emergencies.

What happens if I leave something in the cab?

If you leave something in the cab, contact our customer support immediately with details about your ride. We will do our best to locate and return your belongings.

Can I provide feedback about my Rove Cabs experience?

Yes, we welcome your feedback. You can rate your ride and provide comments through the app. Additionally, you can contact customer support with any concerns or suggestions.

Does Rove Cabs operate 24/7?

Yes, Rove Cabs operates 24/7, providing round-the-clock transportation services for your convenience.

How can I track my cab in real-time?

You can track your cab in real-time through the Rove Cabs app. Once your ride is confirmed, you'll be able to see your driver's location and estimated time of arrival on the map.

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